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We exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help small businesses facilitate change, resolve work place issues, navigate employment obligations and create a positive and productive working environment.

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Dispute Resolution

Protect your Business

When an employee raises a complaint (verbal or written, informal or formal) the employer has an obligation to investigate and resolve. This is where a small business can come unstuck. Not done properly an employer can find themselves having to engage in costly litigation to resolve a personal grievance either at mediation, the Employment Relations Authority or Employment Court. This costly litigation can cripple a business. A business can easily spend between $20k to $30K resolving a personal grievance at mediation. If the employee's claim is not resolved at mediation and progresses to the Employment Relations Authority or Employment Court the costs increase exponentially. Crucially this can be damaging to your business reputation and your workforce as well as your own personal health and well-being. We can provide advice, guidance and representation so as to resolve issues at the lowest possible cost to your business.

Small Business Workplace Training

Care about Your Business

Small Businesses are particularly vulnerable to the pitfalls of having to navigate the responsibilities of the Health and Safety Act 2015 and the Employment Relations Act 2000. As an employer you have a responsibility to protect workers from bullying and harassment. The best and most cost effective method is to equip yourself and your managers with the tools and skills to resolve bullying and harassment complaints at a low level and to create a positive work environment. We can educate both the employer and their managers through specialised workplace training programmes. We will meet with you first to develop a training programme to suit your business needs.

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Creating a Positive Work Environment

Grow Your Business

Creating a workplace environment where your employees are motivated and happy can only be positive. The benefits of creating positive workplace environments are huge; 
increased productively and profits, low staff turnover, low absenteeism, retention of better staff and less stress for you as the employer. We can work with both yourself and your staff to provide the insight and skills needed to engage effectively and positively in a working environment.

Bullying and Harassment Policies

Expert Guidance

As an Employer you are required to have Bullying and Harassment policies for your employees. Bullying and Harassment policies can also protect the employer from potential personal grievances. Watertight policies and procedures provide a framework for both employers and employers to work from. The key to successful policies is knowing how to implement and follow the policies. Not only can we write policies tailored to your business but we can also provide the training necessary to implement policies effectively.

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