Fees and Charges

Please take note of our client fees. The client fees will automatically take effect as of 1 January 2022, for clients new to the service.


  • Initial consultation Free. (Please allow up to 2 hours for this meetingTravel cost may apply if outside Christchurch area.)

  • Employer consultation $200 +GST/hour

  • Employee consultation $200 +GST/hour

  • Community Service Card holder $60 +GST/hour. (Please provide us with a copy of your card.) 

  • ERA Teleconference $200 +GST/hour

  • Authority investigation meetings $200 +GST/hour

  • Mediation $200 +GST/hour

  • Resolution fee outside of mediation $600.

  • We understand that some of our clients are under  financial stress as a result of bullying and are not able to commit to regular payments of fees. We can offer payment on settlement.

  • Counselling Fees. Vicki Turner will meet for a Free introduction/contracting session and discuss a treatment guide. Minimum recommended sessions are currently six, priced from $120 per hour session. Either ask us to engage Vicki on your behalf or phone Vicki on 03 3048442; email lestequineretreat@gmail.com; private message lestequineretreat Facebook page.

Terms and Conditions


While we use our hourly charge out rates as a guide, our fees for client representation will be based on reasonable fee factors that will be agreed at each stage of the process. Disbursements will be charged in an additional administration fee.

Travel will be charged at the current rate prescribed by the IRD per kilometre in addition to our usual hourly rates.

The administration fee will be an amount that we consider proportionate to the extent of administration services provided in respect of that invoice to cover administration costs such as telephone calls, general photocopying, and file administration.

Responsibility for Service

Maryline Suchley will have overall responsibility for the services provided to you. However, our other staff will work in support and may be in contact with you from time to time in order to progress your matter.

When you engage CultureSafe Christchurch a letter of engagement and authorisation to represent you will be emailed to you. 


Terms and Conditions

Click the links below to access Culturesafe Christchurch Ltd terms of engagement and employee registration. Please be aware Culturesafe Christchurch is a franchise of Culturesafe NZ and we operate independently.