The Physical Effects of Bullying

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Victims of bullying can experience physical and psychological health problems such as:

high blood pressure, heart palpitations, heart attack, overwhelming anxiety and/or panic attacks, sleep disruption, loss of concentration/memory, migraine and tension headaches, uncontrollable mood swings, post traumatic stress, disorder eating disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, clinical depression.

Additional physical signs of workplace-induced stress can include:

Nausea-tremors (lips, hands), feeling uncoordinated, chills, excessive sweating, diarrhea rapid heart beat, rapid breathing, chest pain, uncontrollable crying, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, trouble sleeping, higher blood pressure, ulcers.

Bullied people can't perform their jobs to the best of their ability. Performance issues include:

having trouble making decisions, an incapacity to work or concentrate, a loss of self-esteem, lower productivity.

Bullied workers not only lose motivation, they lose time because they are preoccupied with

trying to defend themselves, avoiding the bully, networking for support, ruminating about the situation, planning how to deal with the situation.

What’s more, targets of bullying feel a sense of isolation. In fact, workplace bullying can leave the victim so traumatised that they feel powerless, disoriented, confused and helpless.

And this is not a health and safety issue?

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