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We exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients both employees and employers. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us from other employment consultants but is also what makes us successful. Why we do what we do is what makes us extraordinary.

A free 30 minute consultation is available to help you understand your situation and offer the best practical help. Our goal is to help you resolve the situation with the best possible outcome.

We are promotors for change with respect to workplace bullying and actively promotes a change in culture.
Our driver for change is through education for both employers and employees.

Small businesses  are particularly vulnerable to the toxic effects of work place bullying. At Culturesafe Christchurch Ltd we can help you implement work place training to effectively minimise the costs to your business.


Our Team

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Maryline Suchley

Director, Advocate and Educator

I have a passion for helping people that have been bullied and want victims to be able to get justice and recompense for what they have gone through. I understand that when you have reached that point where you need outside help you have already gone through an incredible journey of self doubt, anxiety, physiological and emotional damage and feelings of despair. We believe you and will support the whole you. We have a team that will assist you with the next stage of your journey. What makes us unique from other advocacy agencies is that we truly understand bullying and its effects and are committed to helping you move on.
Culturesafe Christchurch also has a passion for education. We believe that small business can be just as much of a victim when it comes to bullying. Creating positive work place environments to help prevent the toxic effects of bullying is just as important as representing the targets of bullying.

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Jo Thompson

Legal Executive

My background is 17 years in the legal profession as a Legal Executive and more recently in the Healthcare sector.  I have experienced bullying in the workplace and have been a passionate support person for others who have been bullied and am familiar with the profound emotional and physical toll this can have.  No worker in NZ goes to work expecting to be attacked by a colleague or colleagues, we don't have to be best mates but it costs none of us anything to be civil to each other.
I live in rural Central Otago.
I am honoured to be part of the Culturesafe Christchurch team and look forward to doing my absolute best to assist you.

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Vicki Lee Anne Turner


Vicki has been providing counselling for 20 years to a number of different clients and is able to offer various counselling options. She is a qualified mental health specialist and a member of the NZ Association of Counsellors. She is trained in the person centered modality of counselling. These modalities support  issues relating to PTSD, anxiety, grief and trauma which are often a consequence of the effects of bullying. Vicki understands the effects that bullying has on the individual person as well as how it can also impact family members who are supporting people being bullied. Vicki can also offer equine assisted psychotherapy (Eagala). She can meet  you for a free introduction/contracting session and discuss a treatment guide if you feel that you need that extra support.

Anita Brockhouse

Advocate and Training Manager

Expecting employees to do their jobs is not bullying and creating a workforce of valued team members is smart business practice. I have had many years at different levels of management within a wide range of industries from engineering to hospitality and event management. Your people are your biggest asset but can also be your greatest challenge. I want to help you to get the best for your business through being an ethical employer and leading an accomplishing workforce.